Conscience kickers (link roundup) 25.4.14

This week's conscience kickersI’ve missed a couple of weeks due to the collision of work commitments and an impending house move, but that means is that there is plenty of conscience kicking material stored up to get your cogs whirring.

Father wins right to vaccinate his children.

Anyone who knows me know that the anti-vaccination movement enrages me, and it would seem the courts don’t have much time for it either. Via the awesome science blog I fucking love science I came across this story about an Australia dad who has won a long legal battle to vaccinate his children after divorcing from their mother who believed that due to their allergies vaccinations would be damaging. The judge dismissed the mothers ‘evidence’ about the danger of vaccinations as “comments, submissions, irrelevancies” and ruled that it was in the children’s best interests to be vaccinated. Amen.

A story of domestic abuse

Published nearly a year ago, this Mumazine story only popped up in my twitter feed this week and powerfully demonstrates that domestic abuse doesn’t only happen to certain types of people. It can happen to anyone.

The danger of the monster myth

In the early hours of September 2012 a 29 year old Irish woman, Jill Meagher, was raped and murdered while walking home from a night out in Melbourne, Australia. Her murder shocked Australia not least because her murderer, Adrian Bayley, who had committed 20 rapes or attempted rapes over 23 years was on parole at the time. In this blog post for the White Ribbon campaign in Ireland, her husband Tom Meagher, admits that what happened to his wife has challenged his belief that men who rape women were monsters operating outside the boundaries of society. He says this “monster myth” allows men to overlook the root causes of violence against women, that “most rapists are normal guys, guys we might work beside or socialise with”, and to even blame women for being assaulted.

That will do you for now. Have a great weekend.

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