Why I’ve donated to the Gaza Crisis Appeal

Gaza Crisis AppealI don’t donate to charity very often, when I do it’s because I’ve been truly moved, horrified or outrage but the suffering being endured by innocent people. I used to donate regularly to help women who had been the victims of war in the Congo. This time I’m donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Gaza Crisis Appeal to help support the relief efforts to the hundreds of thousands of people who are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medical care. People who have nowhere else to go.

You might have seen their appeal ads on television recently. I’ve added the BBC appeal below so that you can quickly find out more about the DEC and about what been happening in Gaza (thought I’m not sure who could have missed it if you’ve watched even a few minutes of news coverage recently).

Gaza’s children are the terrorists of tomorrow

I have been moved to act, my social conscience has been pricked, because at the heart of this humanitarian crisis caused by a self-defeating military onslaught, are the children of Gaza. Children who did not ask to be born in a war zone. Children who have nothing to do with Hamas‘s terror tunnels into Israel or with the rockets being aimed at Israeli homes, and mostly being deflected by their iron dome.

Children who as a result of this conflict are more likely to be part of the Hamas of the future. Children who will hate Israel. Children who will hate us because of our implied support for the Israeli government and the Israeli Defence Force. Our government armed them, our government has done little to stop them.

Let none of us forget the suffering from which hatred will spring forth

In twenty years time when a new war is being waged by young Palestinian terrorists upon Israel, or even upon the heart of our very existence in the western world, let none of us forget the tragedy and suffering from which that hatred emanated, and who caused that hatred to spring forth.

I’ve posted on Facebook, on twitter, donated and written this blog because I want those children to know that some of us stood up for them, that some us thought the war being waged upon them was deeply unjust, and that some of us did something to try to right those wrongs, in a very small, shamefully inadequate way. I wish I could do more.

So I’ve donated, and if you want to give to the appeal too here are the details:

Tel: 0370 6060900
Text: CRISIS to 70000 to give £5 (the whole £5



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